Monday, February 17, 2014

Sagemoor Vineyards 2013 Wine Tasting

Each year after harvest, during the slow winter months, wineries and growers like to get together to taste the newest vintage of wine produced from their vineyard. Kent Waliser, General Manager, and Derek Way, Vineyard Manager, for Sagemoor Vineyards – which includes Sagemoor Farms, Bacchus Vineyards, Dionysus Vineyards, and Weinbau Vineyards – came by the winery to taste the 2013 wines with Kevin and Rick.

This is an enlightening exercise for both the winery and the vineyard. It’s a great opportunity to talk about the previous growing season, discuss any changes the winery or vineyard will be making in the coming growing season, and to taste the fruits of the previous year’s labor. Some vineyards host tastings where multiple wineries get together to share their wines and techniques, and others like Kent and Derek, stop by individual wineries to taste with the winemakers.

We tasted the Weinbau merlot, which goes into the Columbia Valley Merlot, and two blocks of cabernet sauvignon from Sagemoor, which go into Artist Series and Old Vines. The wines were showing very well, especially considering they are only three to four months old. Tasting these wines gives us a glimpse into what will come.

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